Monday, September 20, 2010


WLCM BCK showcased artwork of Mason Gross faculty, staff and second year MFA graduate students. The exhibit celebrated all modes of artistic expression. Offering various mediums and a myriad of concepts, WLCM BCK provided inspiration and excitement to set off the 2010 fall semester.

Stephen Westfall, Cosmadin, 2008 oil on canvas 36''x30'
Stephen Westfall employs the grid in this geometric painting. The picture plane is divided into four equal quadrants- each  filled with diagonal lines consistent in width and evenly spaced. Each section mirrors the next, appearing to refract at the X and Y axis, lines make sharp turns around the surface to create a diamond formation. Each section of this painting supports and reinforces the others, creating a very structurally sound painting. The lines are painted in a pattern (beginning from the outside) of red, blue, green, and yellow. The alternation of cool and warm colors creates a vibrating effect, causing the painting to ripple inward stopping at the central yellow diamond.

Wendy White, CNC, 2010 acrylic on canvas 37.5''x43''
Wendy White explores the possibilities of her materials. Displaying an interest in text, White not only infuses lettering into her abstract canvases, but looks to text to inspire the canvas itself. White juxtaposes areas of flat greens, blues, pinks and oranges with dynamic applications of black paint. Creating a third layer, White tops the painting with stenciled letters. The layered picture plane, assorted surface treatments, and varied applications of paint, create interesting space within the painting.

Elieen Behnke, On the Grass, 2010 oil on canvas
 Spilling from the top left, six figures dominate composition. Some landing heads up and some heads down, the figures seem to have tumbled into place . Lounging and resting on each other, the figures become difficult to decipher from one another, and the background.  The close physical proximity and level of comfort and contentment defined within the painting shows a strong relationship between the figures. The artist shows her hand in her active brush work. A playful and luminous color palette suit’s the carefree representation of friends on the grass.

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